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You Really Don't Have to Give Up Windows!

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fre feb 09 2007, 23:13 Vis Udskrift


Oprettet: tor feb 08 2007, 17:58
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Installing PCLinuxOS to a Hard Drive
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You Really Don't Have to Give Up Windows!

So you have been using the live Cd and decided to install a safe and stable operating system on your computer. The first thing to do is to back up all of your valuable data on the drive that you will be installing to. While the install process is in most cases totally safe there is always the chance that something could go wrong, better safe than sorry.

Its assumed that at least at first you will be setting up a dual boot system on your computer. That just means you will still be able to use the other operating system and PCLinuxOS. This is what most people new to the linux operating system usually choose to do. It gives you the ability to fall back on something that you already comfortable with, and being able to still use the tools with which you are familiar if you need them will definitely ease the transition.

Now possibly some of the terms in the two preceding paragraphs were unfamiliar and possibly just a little frightening. That's alright, the next few sections of the guide will help you along the way.

Please,if you have not attempted partitioning a hard drive before read through the next sections. The procedure is straight forward but you do need a good understanding of what is going on before you start.

That being said let us be the first ones to welcome you to the world of linux powered computing. We are sure you will find that it is everything you had hoped that it would be, and always remember that help is never very far away. Just post in the forums or on the mailing list and you will get an answer, most often within minutes of when you asked.
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